Integrating mountains, rainforest and waterfalls
Mind, body and spirit
Meditation and action

A centre for experiential learning. A place for personal growth. A retreat to recover the essence of life...

INTEGRIA started operations in September 2002. It is located in southern Brazil with the mission to provide the best venue for experiential learning, while acting as a catalyst for social transformation.

INTEGRIA is not linked to any organized religion or foundation and is the fruit of the personal efforts of its mentors, Maria Alice and Esteban Papanicolau. Since its inception INTEGRIA has successfully organized/hosted more than 30 workshops a year in the fields of human potential, education for peace , sustainable living, dance and the arts , to mention a sample of our programming.

INTEGRIA is very proud of serving as a bridge between cultures and organizations worldwide. Its mentors operate the centre 365 days/24hrs a day. This is a full-life commitment sustained by registrations for the events organized or hosted at the Center.

INTEGRIA Retreat Center is deeply integrated with local communities, hosting events both for school teachers and children/teens, offering an experience of sustainable development and the nourishing of mind-body and spirit.

Together with the Arapoty Institute from São Paulo, INTEGRIA offers a series of workshops on the wisdom and worldview of the Tupi-Guarani tradition, an eight-thousand -year-old culture with powerful teachings for the 21st century in the areas of sustainable development and living profound spiritual and meaningful lives. Updated programming information can be found on the programming link in this site

Experiencing Integria

There are many ways to experience INTEGRIA - Retreat Center, from spending an "Experiencing INTEGRIA" week-end to participating in one of the many workshops hosted here during the year. The "Experiencing INTEGRIA" workshop offers an introduction to sustainable living, organic cooking, healthy breathing, basic meditation techniques, massage and bodywork, and the delicious meals prepared under the "slow food" paradigm, with organic bakery allowing participants to fully experience the renowned INTEGRIA hospitality.