Infrastructure at INTEGRIA

  • beds for 43 guests (most of the rooms for up to 2 people) see Lodging

  • Group Meeting room with fireplace and ventilation, with capacity for 45 people sitting in a circle, or up to 100 people sitted in auditorium format.

  • Central Heating at Mandala House. Fireplaces at other buildings

  • Dining room for 60 people

  • More than 40 ha. of Rainforest.

  • Mountain River with natural whirlpools, falls and total privacy.

  • Organic garden



Our guests can participate in the garden activities and see where the vegetables come from.

INTEGRIA was designed and built to offer the most secluded and quiet environment possible for hosting experiential workshops.

The centre can comfortably host up to 50 guests in forest bungalows and in the Mandala House, a building designed to accommodate groups of up to 33. The meeting room and auditorium has superb acoustics and splendid views of the surrounding Atlantic rainforest. It has the capacity for up to 43 people seated in a circle or more than a hundred participants in the auditorium mode.

We are very proud of our unique adobe dome, an amazing exponent of bio-architecture designed by the renowned Prof. Gernot Minke of Germany. With a 30 ft diameter and 21 ft height, it is the perfect setting for meditative activities as well as enjoying its impeccable acoustics, natural textures and colours.

The dining room hosts up to 60 guests while the kitchen produces all the food served during workshops. We serve only organic vegetables and home baked breads.

There are more than 170 acres of rainforest to enjoy, with trails suitable for all levels, a mountain river with several natural whirlpools, lovely secluded meditation groves, a lotus garden and hundreds of different species of birds and friendly animals to enjoy.

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