Our Vision

To create a place of encounter of people with themselves, with their brothers and sisters and with Gaia. INTEGRIA is a retreat center, a spa for the soul. INTEGRIA is a place for the healthy unfolding of our human potentials.


Our Mission

INTEGRIA is a center of experiential learning for the healthy and sustainable development of people. It is inspired in permaculture and the values of the humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

INTEGRIA has as a mission to be a reference as a place of transformation and inner growth, honouring respect, love and caring for life on earth. INTEGRIA is not linked to any particular religion or theory that pretends to be an absolute truth.

INTEGRIA Retreat Center was planned and designed to provide an ideal environment for healing and personal growth, integrating architecture with nature, rivers, mountains and perennial wisdom.


Our Values

Inner Joy
Unconditional Love
Deep Ecology
Ancient Wisdom
Mind-body-spirit connection
Creative Expression
Global sustainability

Welcome to INTEGRIA